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ART4205 Blog 4

I thought the 5 principles of flag design were very interesting. I liked the way Roman Mars explained the first one about it being simple enough for a child to draw from memory. Recognizable-ness, simplicity, and relation are are similar themes to logo design. They both stand for something. In the flags case it is a grouping of people of some sort, but for a logo it is a business, brand, or association. One thing that is different is that it is more acceptable to use colors outside of the traditional flag set. However I think a logo is more successful when it uses a very limited color scheme like only one or two colors. Another difference is that text is more encouraged for logo design. Some logos are just text, for example Fedex, Vimeo, and Google. This is called a word mark. In my logo design, I used this method. The lack of back ground is another big difference between flag and logo design. Adding a background changes so many things even if it is just a flat color. The flag has a predetermined shape, a 2:3 ratio rectangle. A logo can be any shape with any ratio, organic or geometric. One thing that logos and flags must be able to do is be able to be placed anywhere. Mars talked about seeing the Chicago flag all over the place, from buttons to inside of his barber shop in one single outing. This makes me think about how often I see logos like nike. I could walk through a busy college campus and see it at least 20 times in a half hour on things water bottles, backpacks, shoes, and clothing. A good flag design and a good logo design can be used to bring people together by marketing common interests.

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