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ART4205 Blog 2

Presenting makes me extremely nervous. It is my least favorite thing to do I feel awkward and nervous. I am guilty of not having enough confidence when presenting my work. I feel like I am good at the end guiding the feedback and asking specific questions, but they tend to be more about the design element than the end goal. I feel like the professor is the client when doing student work. I feel like I need to sell it to them first. However it might actually be my peers when presenting that I need to sell it to. Their options matter. The most new thing about reading this to me is how much less I should be asking the client about the design and if they like it or not. Since most of my design presentations have been for other designers I tend to ask design related questions instead of goal related questions. My future clients will not be design experts. The idea of not guiding the audience through the design is a new idea to me as well. It makes sense to not do that because the clients are not stupid and can see what is in front of them. I like the idea of selling it like a real estate agent would with a house. I want to sell them on my goal of the project and how well that can be seen though my work and not on the work itself. The whole confidence thing is something that has been reinforced in all teachings and reading about presentation. Also, getting defensive is something I have seen in other students do while giving critiques. It is honestly embarrassing to watch happen. In the end I am doing what they want and need, while it is okay to propose other options, the client does not want to be argued with. You want to appease them not shut them down or attack them. I think this all solid advice, I would have liked a bit more guidance on what kind of questions to ask the client however.

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