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Updated: Sep 22

For this first week, I wanted to critique “I Hate Reading” written by Beth Bacon and her sons, Arthur and Henry Bacon, designed by Headquarters Studio. Headquarters was in charge of the illustration, book design, web design and development, and editing. This book was inspired by Beth’s sons tricking her into thinking they were reading, so she took this chance to turn the tables on them. This book tricks children into reading chapter books by distracting the child from the words by incorporating them into bold, very graphic designs. The book is in a conversational style and seems more like a stream of consciousness a reading child would have instead of a traditional plot or storyline of a chapter book. This book utilizes bold shapes and bright colors to keep the child entertained. The book isn’t formatted in typical paragraphs, sometimes a page has a single work or a short blip of text. The shapes work as symbols and to guide the readers eyes through the text. There is not any traditional type of illustration. It looks like everything could be made with the shape tool on illustrator. At the end of the book, Bacon makes a point of saying “you can’t say you were looking at just the pictures, because there isn’t any!” I think that this book is so smart. It makes me think of a project I did in Image and Narration telling the story of Jack and Jill with wingdings. The book is pop-y and fun, and I enjoy this non illustrative style of “illustration”. This book is something you can leave on your coffee table for guests to flip through. This style of design inspires me to get more creative it’s signs and symbols, to see them more as shape and form and less as communication tools. Not so they lose their meaning, but so I do not feel so constrained using them.

HELLO JACK i just realized that i did this blog wrong, i will post a second post after class

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