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ART 4205 Blog 3

Around 2012 when I was on middle school, I went to Sakura-Con. It is an anime convention. When I was there, there was all sorts of different things to look at see. There was a little library with different mangas for you to go in and read. There was a whole shopping section with different small booths. They had things like merchandise, costumes, and wigs. They also sold a lot of art from different small artists. There was a place to go play chess as human pieces. You had to be dressed up in a costume to take part. For the people in costume, there was also a chance for them to compete in a costume contest. There was one where they walked a catwalk like a fashion show, and then another that you could act out a scene with other people from the shows they were dressing up as. While I was there there was also panels where people could ask questions. They featured voice actors as well as artists and producers for the shows. There was a panel my friends and I went to just to talk about one new upcoming tv show because it was so popular. There was an actual fashion show as well for a popular designer from Japan. It filled up an entire large auditorium. This conference was a lot of fun, and I loved anime and shopping. Having a space to shop is not something I want to have at my design conference. I want there to be the same community type feeling however. I talked to more strangers in that one day than I had before. The one difference is that I would like the people to stay in contact and be able to network and find new opportunities through meeting at this conference. The people I talked to I never saw again. However I was not going to this conference with the same goals that I would want my conference attendees to have.

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