2021 Nourish Confernce


Nourish: Conference of Publication Design

I wanted to create a conference for something I was interested in. I am a big fan of print design and magazines specifically, so I decided to make my conference about publication design. With everything becoming so technology driven, there were not many publication or editorial conferences at all. Technology is still prevalent in this field, and how everyone in this field creates their work with this technology, but the end goal is a printed product. Magazines are still printed; paper is still prevalent in these times. Digital media will never give me the same excitement as picking up my favorite magazine while out running errands or receiving a physical copy in the mail.



I ended up going in a bit of a different direction than was touch on here. I opened up the study from strictly editorial publication to a more general publication-based focus. I felt like more people would be interested and I could branch out more with my topics for sessions.

audience research


I do not like naming things. That is always my least favorite part of the project. However, I think nourish is pretty cute. I wanted something that was inspiring, exciting, and fun. Also, nourish was the perfect length for the layout I wanted to play with later with my logo.

naming work sheet


For my logo, I knew I wanted to do a wordmark without an image. In the end I did choose the second option on the slide show below. I continued to tweak it further by adding little multi colored sparkles above the "i" and changing the color to navy blue, eliminating all black.


Brand Guidelines



final poster

App Design

all app pages.png

Activation Marketing

My activation marking proposal was having people submit spreads for a magazine style program when they signed up for the convention. Depending on how many people ended up coming it could include all of the submissions from participants. It would probably be smart to not make it mandatory. This would be a lot of pressure on some people, but I think many would enjoy doing something like this. Seeing your work in the final setting is encouraging and a big reason everyone ended up in this field. Costs for printing and labor can be covered by ticket sales. One issue would be if too many people submitted spreads, some would have to be left out. Unless there are a few different editions, then some people would be after them all and more prints would have to be made to match demand. I do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings. This is supposed to be a welcoming and encouraging setting. This program would be something people want to take home with them and show others.


See the Written Case Study Here!